Xin Wu

Xin Wu

Programmer & Dreamer

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Hi there, I'm a developer.

I like fun projects.

I like fun people.

I like creating fun projects with fun people.

And hopefully we'll chat later.


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Future Fixup, Past Patchup - Virtual Reality Game

Virtual Reality Game made by Unity/Oculus Rift

Programmer & Designer

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Game Tracker - Mobile App

iOS application can track release dates of all upcoming games


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Bohr Thru - Mobile Game

An educational match three iOS game

Programmer & Designer

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Defying Disaster - Serious Game

An educational 2D game made by Unity

Programmer & Designer

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Music Pokémon - Argument Reality Game

Argument Reality Game made by Unity/MAX/Xcode

Programmer & Designer

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Disorder - Web Interactive Game

A web interactive game based on multiple medias: website, email, QR code

Programmer & Designer

Use broswer with 1440 * 900 resolution to get best experience

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Work Experience

Software Engineer - Ford Motor Company Aug 2016 - Present

Built VR/AR applications for different research areas include autonomous simulation, customer application and marketing demo using Unity/Unreal with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Kinect and ARkit.

Built iOS applications include FordPass and connected vehicle applications.

Software Engineer Intern - National Institutes of Health Jun 2015 - Sep 2015

Developed an educational iOS game that teachers can easily implement short, in-class game sessions to enhance their students’ understanding of the periodic table;

Debugged and optimized the game by using Xcode and Instruments.

Helped with game design and mechanics to help further enhance the edu-tainment of the game